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We are a Master Network of owners that specialize in the areas of business  establishment, nonprofit development, information technology, media production, social media branding, market saturation, organizational/executive level analysis and intervention, marketing and engagement, literary self publishing services, and legal knowledge of national and global concern.

Each of us has a minimum of 10 years in our respective fields and many in our network have over 20 years of mastery. Collectively we engage our clients to provide the highest level of education and services to meet the needs of startups to mid sized organizations. Our overarching goal is to engage, develop and support entrepreneurship while growing their organizations. Our impact is creating success with our clients through realizing their professional vision while giving their talent and organizational service to the world. Our intention is to collectively assist clients with building personal and professional freedom through wealth creation.

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We are always engaging talented individuals to join our network of dedicated CEO’s. Being our customer is great, but being a member of the tribe is fulfilling!

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Larry Miller - IT

Larry is a Master Information Technologist with over 20 years experience in managing information technology and networking for multiple national organizations. He is also a professional media specialist in imaging, production, and video for broadcasts such as leadership, management, teaching, podcasting and all other media platforms for information dissemination.

Ejay Graf - Social Media

Ejay is the queen of social media saturation. She specializes in analyzing and maximizing your online presence. She helps owners and organizations grasp and leverage varying social media platforms for enhanced branding and is an expert in customer relations management.

Kristin Kendall - Executive Organization

Kristin is a pioneer in the market sector of executive and organizational analysis and intervention. We call her the “CEO Wrangler” She is masterful at pinpointing leadership and company strengths while advising and editing weak points in organizational structure and management in order to streamline productivity, improve quality and enhance profit.

Sheree Cranford - Publishing

Sheree is known as the Queen Pen. She writes urban intellectual fiction and poetry. She has self published over 10 expansive novels and publications under her various pen names. Her bio includes Editorial Director of a metropolitan magazine, producer of her own web drama series, and ghost writing. She is an emerging force in helping owners create self-branded publications.

Debra Finley - Marketing

Debra is a master at social media engagement. She also has an eye for creative online staging. Her combined skills make her a formidable online marketer. She shares her creative ideas to spark interest and conversation for lead generation, massive growth of online followers, and increased customer sales.

Ryan Rogers - General Counsel

Ryan is an accomplished lawyer, international law and business consultant as well as business coach. His vast knowledge of building domestic and international businesses while navigating legalities across the globe, is the stuff of legends. His expertise allows for global expansion and unparalleled risk management.

Bellwether Network

Principal Consultant & CEO

Jodi Luster


I started working in the non profit sector in 1996. I moved from working on the front lines with clients, to managing operations overseeing hundreds of employees, to helping numerous founders and CEOs start and build their own successful businesses and nonprofit entities. I have a passion for helping entrepreneurs develop their visions into companies that are a beacon for service leadership.



  • 18+ years in Non Profit Management
  • 20+ years in Human Services
  • 10+ years in Entrepreneurship
  • 50MIL+ in Grants and Funding


  • University of Michigan
  • Wayne State University
  • Walden University School of Business
  • 1000+ hrs Continuous Education
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