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“We Give the Secret Sauce for a Sustainable Company”

Our primary goal is to serve the specific needs of our clients. We specialize in Nonprofit management and growth. We help you expand your for profit or nonprofit using consultation, education, coaching and hands on execution when you need it the most.


Establishing your for profit or nonprofit as a legal entity. Defining nonprofit status and purpose. Consulting on the operational and administrative structure of a large and sustainable organization. Program implementation guidance, with performance and risk mitigation measures to qualify and protect the organization.


Business, Strategic, & Sustainability Planning

Both nonprofits and for profits need a viable business plan to maintain a competitive edge. Any business that wants to stay in business must develop a strategic vision as well as a plan for sustainability.

Board development

Expanding knowledge of the types and functions of your board of directors. Helping nonprofit founders and executives understand the purpose of the board and how to attract members that are invested in the mission and connect with the vision.

Fund Development

Proposal writing education to empower nonprofit organizations, their development departments and aspiring proposal writers. Teaching creative ways to fund programming.

Employee to Owner

Unique yet practical education and planning to help you get out of your job and into your destiny.


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Research & Analysis

Market research and consumer needs assessment is the beginning of defining you niche and specialized services. Successful companies answer the need of the public sector to create synergy so that everyone wins!

Roadmap planning

Your roadmap to success begins with business planning and marketing. The next steps include strategic planning and sustainability. This is the collective process and foundation for a well established organization.

Execute & Monitor

Through consulting and education we assist owners and organizations with the tedious process of doing the work. The small executions and monitored delegation push companies through the finish line and beyond.


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Expanding Your Give Back

The quintessential turning point for people who really love helping others is when they decide that helping people individually is not enough. Some of us childishly believe that we can still change the world…

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